Michael's blog

October 2018



When was the last time you spilled something? Was it a big spill or a little spill? Was anyone around? How did you clean it up? 

Some of you are laughing right now because you're thinking to yourself, "I live in a constant state of spills and messes!" 


When was the last time life spilled? 

You know. Everything is going well and then, "Gah!" Something happens. 

Maybe it is a parenting mess? Maybe it is a relational mess? Maybe it is an emotional mess? Maybe it is a spiritual mess? The possibilities are endless. 

Like before, some of you are probably laughing because you are thinking, "Tell me a time when life wasn't messy."

If you are breathing right now I guarantee you that you have recently experienced some kind of spill. You've either had someone's selfishness spill into your life or allowed your selfishness to spill into their life. Maybe this was in the form of getting cut off in traffic. Perhaps it was a comment you made to your spouse. It could even be the case that you are continually reflecting on a spill that happened years ago.


Whether it is something intentional or unintentional, we are constantly faced with spills in our lives. 

Failures. Suffering. Regrets. Mistakes. Annoyances. They happen. 

There is a peace in owning the fact that spills happen. Jesus got it. He often said things like: You're going to have trouble. You'll be hated by some people. You'll never know what tomorrow brings. 

At the same time, Jesus consistently taught that the Father cared and was invested in the smallest details of our lives. 

What's helped me get this idea are paintings by an Italian artist named Giulia Bernardelli.

She takes everyday spills and makes them into art. In the same way, we have the promise that God is always working to take the spills of our lives and transforms them. We are His masterpiece and when spills happen, he doesn't just start over, instead, He sees the unlimited potential that each spill has in order to bring character, and depth, and richness, and beauty into our lives. 

May the spills of your life heighten your awareness of God's goodness and His investment in your life.