Our story

Faith Community Church was started in 1997 by a few families with a passionate desire to worship together in the town of Alliston.  We are currently "tracking with The Meeting House", www.themeetinghouse.com This means that we deliver sermons via video from The Meeting House, and align ourselves with their values.  We're not about rules, rituals or religion. We want authentic community that focuses on the core message of Jesus.  Real church is the people, not the building in which we meet.  

Whether you're a skeptic, seeker, or 'saint', who you are matters to us.


  • Michael Kotsopoulos, Pastor

  • Ruth Wright, Worship Director

  • Janette Cridland, Leadership Team Chair

  • Kathy Smith, Leadership Team

  • John Konrad, Leadership Team

what we believe

Faith Community Church is a medley of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We treasure this diversity and respect the variety of opinions and attitudes that come with it. As a community, we desire to leave room for discussions involving issues that influence our culture, while, at the same time, holding onto our core truths. These are the following:  

  • Bible:  It is God’s nature to make Himself known. He reveals Himself in various ways, most clearly in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Written down by ancient authors under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Bible is the authoritative Word of God.
  • God:  The eternal God exists in three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is the author, originator and founder of all that is. Though He is timeless and incomprehensible, He is also a personal being, who reveals his righteousness, truth, and love to all people. 
  • Sin:  Sin is rebellion against God and the refusal of His purpose for our lives. It disturbs every person by drawing us away from God’s presence, permeating the social order, and binding us to destructible and debilitating behaviours. Without God’s intervention, we are unable to walk in the fullness of His love and experience the satisfying depth of life. 
  • Jesus Christ:  Jesus Christ is God in flesh – 100% God and 100% human. Jesus modelled perfect humanity, experienced life like us with all the fullness of human emotions, and never sinned. He was wrongly convicted and died by means of crucifixion, was buried in a tomb, and rose to life on the third day. His bodily resurrection definitively confirms His deity and His victory over Satan, sin and death. 
  • Salvation:  Only through Jesus Christ can what is wrong in the world be made right. He redeemed humanity from sin, and offered a way for a whole relationship with God to be possible once again. This whole relationship with God is received when trust is placed in Jesus, as the one who lived, died and was raised again to save us from the guilt and power of sin and to offer a new way of life. 
  • Holy Spirit:  God’s gracious gift to those who trust in Him is the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit reassures them, leads them, comforts them, equips them, empowers them and reminds them of their identity as God’s children. 
  • The Church:  The church is a community of those who follow Christ and live out the principles of His Kingdom. It knows no social division such as age, gender, economics and ethnicity. It exists to participate in God’s plan of making what is wrong in the world right again. 
  • The Future:   Jesus Christ will ultimately return in person to judge the living and the dead. Those who have trusted in the redemption of Jesus will dwell with God and those who persist in their rebellion will be cut off from His presence. God will eradicate all evil and restore the beauty of His creation.